Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Already getting busy first few weeks in Utah 4th of July

Aaron started his job 3 days after we moved to Utah.  We were lucky to find an amazing condo with 4 bedrooms, and 3 full baths.  with a great playground in the front with tons of yard.  With members in our ward next door, and multiple others.  Its a small excluded community.  I love it.
 Isabel lost her first tooth!! July 1.
 First real parade!! they got a pound of candy!!
 All we had to do is walk up the main busy street, and there is the parade.
 Theres so many temples to choose from now.

 We went on our first family camping trip.. We didn't realize we haven't before.  Camped for two nights, went on a hike as well.

Went and visited the bundersons

This Garner Village has they ponys you can pay a little and they can ride them around the village. They like them a lot.
Sunday or Saturday hikes.  We enjoy the green.

Cade Oesterle  3 yo

Isabel 6 yo

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