Monday, January 4, 2016

End of December and New year fun!

After Christmas comes more December and January!
Here is Cade playing with his new toys.

 Isabel really likes her new roller blades.

 Cades new blocks
 This is how the boys hang out with eachother
 The kids having fun in Grandma Myreel's bathtub
 Playing outside in their snowy back yard.

 Snow fight!

 Isabel likes to build things as well.  They play together with these blocks
 Cade really likes his monster slippers, and so does Isabel.

 For new years we went to the Andersons' House in Scottsbluff NE.  We weren't able to get up to Minnesota this year for Christmas, because the freeways were closed, and I was freaking out with roads. lol  The kids played non stop. Drew and Stormi came back down from Minnesota and met us at the Anderson's as well.  They brought their dog Charlie.  What a great dog, Cade adored him.

 Boys and Tonka Trucks, they were in heaven.

 The girls played all day everyday we were there.

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