Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Moving Day

Moving from Ames, Iowa to Murray, Utah.

We had so many people come and help pack everything in the moving van and our cars.  Mary and Scott came as well to help.  We ate pizza afterwards.  Then once everyone left except Matt Burnham, and Scott Johnston and his son.  Then we realized we forgot to pack the motorcycle.  So they unloaded a view things we left behind, and lifted the motorcycle up on a metal tool box.  
Then Aaron went to go get the gas can, and opened it up to see how much gas was left.  The gas container was pressurized and exploded all over his face and into his eyes.  Mary came rushing up stairs where I was cleaning yelling, "Aaron got gassed. Aaron got gassed."  The gasoline was burning his face, and his eyes.  We packed all of our stuff up, so he went to Matt's house to rinse off his face.  Aaron went to the ER.  His eyes were not permanently damaged. They gave him eye drops.
The next day we started to travel and he only could fully see in only one of his eyes while he drove the moving truck.

 Goodbye Ames, Iowa.  I wouldn't think I would miss you so much!

 Aaron's new office

At our new place in Utah. This is how they decided to pray one evening.

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