Saturday, April 11, 2015

Aaron's Graduation

Aaron's Graduation

Aaron and I moved to Iowa in 2009 for him to go to ISU for his Architecture Degree.  I worked while he went to school, while raising Isabel and Cade.  There were long days and nights for both of us.  Now it all paid off!  He is done with his schooling, and is pursuing an Internship to be a licensed Architect.  Aaron's family came to his graduation.  It was a great ceremony!  

 The Original Oesterle Family!!

Mary and Scott were a great help during out time in Ames.  They lived in Rochester MN.  Even tho they were 3 hours away.  They still came down in times we needed.  We love them.

Aaron made quite a few friends.  No one compared to his friends Brad, Chelsea, Shraddhesh.  Brad was there everyday in the hospital with Aaron after surgery, and helped him with his work while he missed.  Chelsea and Shrad was always a help when needed.  And he really enjoyed teaming up with any of the three.  The kids loved Chelsea and Shrad.

Uncle John Shaw was able to come to his graduation as well.  He gave Aaron a Capital of a Column of a Church that was given to him after he graduated from Architecture School.  

 I set up Aaron's graduation party at the church.  It took me all night, but it was worth it! The kids loved seeing all the models.

Aaron and his Grandpa!  It was always fun to drive up to see his grandparents to get away from the college scene and be with them.

Cade and Rudy