Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Mallorie/ Snow! Snow!/Antonio Banderas

Yes another Birthday!!
 Its so cold out, but I love it, I get to see these rosie cheeks.
 The kids were cold and bundled up and watched TV after playing out in a blizzard. Church was canceled.  It was a very non productive day! I liked it a lot actually. Not pressured to be anywhere, literally stuck at home. It was pretty amazing.
 Aaron decided again to grow out his hair and beard.  The beard annoyed him, so he just grew out the hair.  He grew out his hair from October - February. He hated to have his hair in his eyes, but was memorized by his "long luscious wavy locks" he so called it.  So I had a solution for him.  Put his hair up in a half pony like Antonio Banderas.  He agreed. Only in the house tho!! 
 Before and After photos. He got a hair cut similar to a gentleman's cut.

 Let it snow!! The snow is melting with all this love!!