Friday, October 31, 2014

Hayride and Halloween

Halloween is here, We cant miss the famous Orchard that has the corn pool, and the hayride, and all the fun things to do!!
Isabel couldn't believe Snow White was at the Orchard.
Cade asked to go on this ride at least 5 times. He was sad he had to leave it.
Isabel was Elsa, and Cade was of course Olaf.  I sprayed white hairspray in Isabel's hair to frost it. She thought that was pretty cool. Also i bought her a different crown, that was more extravagant.
Our Frozen Family! 
Aaron: Christof
Me:   Sven
Isabel:  Elsa
Cade: Olaf

Isabel had a Halloween Kindergarten party, and a costume parade!!

There is my sweet buddy!! He is adorable!!

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