Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cade 2nd Birthday!!

Cade Turned 2!!
I threw a Mickey mouse birthday party for Cade. Invited the neighbor kids that are in our ward. There was pizza, cake, and a dinosaur pinata. 

Happy Birthday Cade!! We love you dearly! You like to read books, still love your blanket. You like Mickey Mouse.  You still like to play with electrical things, like phones, blow dryers, etc.  You like to be outside, and play in the sand, and run run and run.  You are such a happy kid.  You sometimes fall and really hurt yourself.  You could cry, but you decide to get up and not waste time and keep going.  We can never tell if you are sick or have an ear infection, since you are usually happy go lucky.  You really like juice, and cheese.