Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last summer days of the year

            I love Cade's long hair, but it was time for a hair cut.  He looks so grown up with shorter hair.
We went to the Zoo in Des Moines, like every year.  Isabel was able to understand more this year.
Of course Cade was more curious!

Somehow Aaron picked the shorter straw of the bunch, and won the ride with the kids on the Camel.  All I heard on this camel ride, was not the camel, or the kids.  It was Aaron moaning every step the camel took, since he was siting right on the Camel's hump.

Look at that cute face!!!
Aaron and I went on a Canoe trip in Boone, Iowa.  First time canoeing together.  Aaron thought he was going to have to do it all, and was slightly surprised that he didn't.  It was pretty windy, so it was hard to paddle in some areas, but it was a great experience.

We also got out, and walked on a beach.
And of course whats a trip with out snacks?

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