Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Let it snow! Let it snow!! The kids loved to play in the snow as much as they could.  It was such a long step process to get these kids bundled. I had to remind Cade through the process that he will have fun out in the snow after we are done!

Snow tons of protein

Our new tradition. I made these hand puppets to go over the Nativity Scene on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day 2014
Isabel: 5 yo,  Cade: 2 yo.  Isabel got a Kareoke machine, and Slugterra toys from Santa.  Cade got a Basketball hoop, and cars from Santa.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Holiday Season!

The best friends reunite again!! They miss each other deeply. Dafne and Isabel BFF! They came to Iowa to visit family for the holidays, and was able to visit us as well.

Went to Grandma Oesterle house .We played Sophia teapot party board game with cousins.

Building Snowmen with cousins. They worked so well together!!
Making snowmen is hard work!!
Isabel is so pretty, even when she is cold and wet.
Gingerbread houses!!

Isabel was able to participate in the Gilbert's Kindergarten Holiday Concert.

They sang beautiful. Then after all the songs, The chorister came out, and said we have a surprise for the audience and the children on stage.  They will be singing a surprise song for us.  Then the Frozen song came on. The kid's reactions were priceless.  We were all shocked that every child knew the words exactly. It was an amazing performance. All the parents were proud.
Isabel asked for Slugterra toys for Christmas.  Cade asked for a basketball hoop.
Skittles has been pretty rebelious at our house, but just down right funny too.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Hayride and Halloween

Halloween is here, We cant miss the famous Orchard that has the corn pool, and the hayride, and all the fun things to do!!
Isabel couldn't believe Snow White was at the Orchard.
Cade asked to go on this ride at least 5 times. He was sad he had to leave it.
Isabel was Elsa, and Cade was of course Olaf.  I sprayed white hairspray in Isabel's hair to frost it. She thought that was pretty cool. Also i bought her a different crown, that was more extravagant.
Our Frozen Family! 
Aaron: Christof
Me:   Sven
Isabel:  Elsa
Cade: Olaf

Isabel had a Halloween Kindergarten party, and a costume parade!!

There is my sweet buddy!! He is adorable!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cade 2nd Birthday!!

Cade Turned 2!!
I threw a Mickey mouse birthday party for Cade. Invited the neighbor kids that are in our ward. There was pizza, cake, and a dinosaur pinata. 

Happy Birthday Cade!! We love you dearly! You like to read books, still love your blanket. You like Mickey Mouse.  You still like to play with electrical things, like phones, blow dryers, etc.  You like to be outside, and play in the sand, and run run and run.  You are such a happy kid.  You sometimes fall and really hurt yourself.  You could cry, but you decide to get up and not waste time and keep going.  We can never tell if you are sick or have an ear infection, since you are usually happy go lucky.  You really like juice, and cheese.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last summer days of the year

            I love Cade's long hair, but it was time for a hair cut.  He looks so grown up with shorter hair.
We went to the Zoo in Des Moines, like every year.  Isabel was able to understand more this year.
Of course Cade was more curious!

Somehow Aaron picked the shorter straw of the bunch, and won the ride with the kids on the Camel.  All I heard on this camel ride, was not the camel, or the kids.  It was Aaron moaning every step the camel took, since he was siting right on the Camel's hump.

Look at that cute face!!!
Aaron and I went on a Canoe trip in Boone, Iowa.  First time canoeing together.  Aaron thought he was going to have to do it all, and was slightly surprised that he didn't.  It was pretty windy, so it was hard to paddle in some areas, but it was a great experience.

We also got out, and walked on a beach.
And of course whats a trip with out snacks?