Friday, November 1, 2013

Summer Stories 2013

Cade was always naked before and after dinner, because he is so messy. He is such a happy baby, even with all the ear problems he has had.
 We got a bike trailer. The kids really enjoy it.

 We went to the water park, and swimming pool as much as possible. 
 Cade is a water baby. He knows how to swim better than I do. I'm being serious. lol
 What's summer without sand castles?
 Aaron has been reading Isabel a book. In the book it had pink trees. So Isabel wanted to make a Pink Candy Tree. Aaron came up with the ingredients, and this is the finish product!
 This is Cade jumping for Joy waiting to get his tubes in while having a bulging eardrum and current and multiple ear infections. I know I know.. you would never know from that bubbly personality, and winning smile.
 Isabel had to say good bye to her best friend of 4 years in August. This is one of many play dates with Daphne.

 Cade lounging in his stroller for a daily after dinner walk.
 Sibling love
 Cade" Do you smell that?  I cooked that up just for you!"

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