Monday, September 30, 2013

Vacation to WI Dells

 Aaron and I went to WI Dells for 5 days by ourselves without kids for the first time in July.  It was a blast. The first day we went on a Zip lining tour near Wisconsin Dells, in Friendship, WI.  We luckily got a private tour, and hiked on this mount, and zip lined down through the trees. There was 15 zip line posts we stopped on. It was really fun.

 Here is Aaron being so photogenic!  lol

 We made it to the top!! the view was beautiful.

 The view was so beautiful, Aaron tried to push me off the cliff. I have proof.  lol

 The same day we went Miniature golfing.  I miss playing this, they don't have this in Ames.

 Tuesday we went to a Waterpark, and upgraded the tickets for the Amusement rides too.  We went on the second roller coaster( which had no line.) and got horrible whip lash, and possible concussion.  The whiplash didn't really give me unbearable agony, til after we left the Water park, because I was pretty much "icing" my neck in the cold water all afternoon. I should of gone to the emergency care, but I didn't want to spend the money or time there.  So Aaron bought me a neck wrap, and we went to a drive in theater that night.
 Wednesday, we went to the Water park again, then went to an amazing Cafe, and strolled the streets of Wisconsin Dells.
 On the way home on Thursday, we went horseback riding.  The owner found out Aaron has ridden before, so she felt inclined to give us the two largest horses she owned.  Aaron's horse had a mind of it's own, and did not like being in the back of the line!  It was beautiful scenery, and a great horse back ride.  

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