Sunday, August 25, 2013

May/ June-Isabel's 4th birthday party

  Cade 8 months old

 David's Wedding. The kids were acting up, so they were put in time out, and this is how they were acting!
 Aaron's cousins
 4 Generation

 Isabel and her best friend Dafney. They are pretending they have broken legs.

 Sprinkler time at Great Grandma O's house

 We went to Grandma O's house to celebrate Aaron's birthday.  He went shooting with the men, and came back for Pizza and a watermelon cake.
 Grandpa!! We went to Grandma O's house to celebrate her birthday.
 We played Minute to Win it Games.
 Grandpa and Cade. He loved being on his shoulders. He had a tight grip on Scott's hair and ears. He pulled some hair out. lol

 Big Jenga. It was fun to watch Aaron and Scott play jenga. 

Isabel's BIRTHDAY PARTY. My little Girl turned 4 years old. She had a butterfly party. I made PB&J butterfly sandwiches, butterfly crackers, and fruit. I also made her birthday cake too! We had a butterfly hunt in the back of the church, and had a pinata and jumped in the big bounce house.

 When she was opening her presents, one of the presents held a live frog. All the kids were screaming, and running around. It was pretty funny. Isabel loved the frog, and wanted to keep it.  I told her we had to put it back to it's home.
 Cade was really good during the party.  Aaron and I were received some parents stayed at the party with their kids. There were 15 kids that showed up to the party.  It was a great turn out. So great, we are probably not going to invite that many next time! lol
 Isabel got a mini mouse birthday card from my boss that had this blow up head piece. Cade thought it was pretty cool, plus all the cardboard from the presents. 
 On Sunday, (Isabel's Birthday) she opened up our presesnt, and grandparents presents.  We gave her, her very first bike. She enjoys biking almost every day.

 Here is Aaron teaching Isabel how to ride a bike.

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