Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Welcome home Papa and Easter Fun

The kids are happy Aaron is home. Isabel was very gentle and sweet, and understanding of Aaron's condition.  One time she put her hand against my face, and said " Mom, we need to get medicine for Papa, because he is in a lot of pain. We need to help him feel better." She has the sweetest spirit. I love her dearly. Cade is such a joy in our lives. He makes everyone happy that is around him. He smiles at everyone, and at us all day long. He laughs and giggles over everything, even me trying to help him crawl, every move I help him with he lets out a giggle. He is the happiest baby I have ever known. Unless he is tired, or sick. He gets really tired after dinner time. He doesn't take his third nap anymore which use to be before dinner time, so he struggles a little, but he is adorable.  I am so grateful I have a son.
Aaron getting out of the house. It was jacket weather, and was good Aaron got some walking in the few days he was home from school.
Isabel and Cade first bath together. We have waited this long, since he always pees in the water plus Isabel likes to get everything wet, but we gave up on him stopping, so they bath together now.

I made Easter basket cookies. I made them so Isabel could bring them to Maridon's house. Everyone thanked her, and she thought it was pretty cool.
Isabel dying eggs on easter, we had fun. Aaron was dissapointed he only was able to dye 2 eggs. lol We will have to get more next time to dye. lol

Easter morning. Isabel did the Easter egg hunt with out us while we were sleeping. She found every egg. lol She gets up so early sometimes, especially this day since she knew the Easter bunny was coming. She asked about the Easter bunny every day for at least 2 weeks.

I would like to nibble on that treat in that basket right there!!

Aaron's previous professor (Patrick) cooked us a stuffed turkey, and 3 dishes. We thought he was only bringing us a turkey, so we had rolls, and cheesy potatoes too. So we had a feast at our house. It was an amazing Easter.

Russian Baby.
Cade has been sitting up so well. He has been sitting up stince 5 months old.

Aaron's incision without the sutures in.
Isabel loves Cade so much, it is so precious.
For Conference Sunday, I made Isabel 4 buys bags for he to do. They are home made activities that I made so Aaron and I could watch Conference in peace! lol  She liked them a lot. I want to make more, so we can bring them to restaurants, or church.

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