Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Aaron's Spinal Surgery

Aaron was having back pain over a year, when finally I went on Maternity leave, and was able to get on Medicaid.  Right away Aaron went into the doctor, and due to just having "simple back pain" he started physical therapy and chiropractic care.  That did not help, so he got a MRI.  The next few days the doctor was trying to get him into the office to tell him the surprising news that he had a tumor inside of his spinal column.  It's called Intradural-extramedullary tumor.  Isabel asked about her Papa every day. Mary came down the day before the surgery to help out with the kids.  The surgery went well, but there were complications.  He had spinal leakage, which causes horrible headaches the next day after surgery when he was trying to walk with the physical therapist   The therapist and the nurses didn't tell the Surgeon about the headaches, til the surgeon saw Aaron on Saturday. He was put on bed rest on Saturday til Monday.  He started to walk again, he actually walked a mile, 12x walking the halls on his floor. Then that afternoon he had really bad chest pain. They took an x-ray which sounded like he was being tortured because they had to move him. They found out that he had Pulmonary Embolism in his lungs. They took x-rays of his legs to see if they came from there, no evidence that they did. The Surgeon thinks they were coming from his pelvic area, which is too dense to see with the x-rays.  They put Aaron on blood thinners thinking that he didn't have any family history of blood clot issues.  The scary thing is that he did. I got there the next day after he was put on Cumidon, and told the physician that his dad has blood clot issues.  So they sent his blood to Mayo for tests.  2 days later he was up and walking again. It was 6 days in the hospital.  That night he started having excruciating pain around the right side of his incision , which continued to chest, and legs, He lost sensation mid chest down. He was paralyzed. The nurses contacted the surgeon and physician  3 hours later they did emergency surgeon, and reopened him back up.  He had a clot in the same area where the tumor was at.  The clot formed because he was on blood thinners, which he was on that because of the Pulmonary Embolism. They re opened him back up and flushed the clot out, and kept him open for a half an hour, with live nerves exposed to make sure there wasn't any more clotting.  They of course took him off the Cumidon. He was moved back into the ICU. He woke up not having any sensation from mid chest down. He could move both legs tho. He had horrible stomach issues due to the medication/pressure in the spine, and best rest for a week.  He was constantly throwing up.  He got a blessing, and did not throw up again. On the 2 day after the emergency surgery the surgeon came in and the surprising expression on his face knowing Aaron could still not feel anything put me in a panic.  The next day (day 9) he walked for the first time. The numbness started to go down to to thighs to toes. Which was great! He was moved to another floor. He recovered for additional 2-3 days and was able to come home. I had the kids in daycare at that time, so I was able to spend all day with him, and be with him at home also.  

He cannot lift anything heavier than 5 pounds or twist for 6 weeks. He got a handicap sign for our cars, so he can drive to school, instead of walking and taking the bus.  He also has to have a roller briefcase/ backpack since he can't carry anything.  His school has been very accommodating  and I have realized he has  a few special friends in his life that have bent over backwards for him. I am so grateful for them.  He got the sutures out the week after he got out of his 12 day hospital stay. ( was suppose to be a 3 day stay.)  He started physical therapy, and will be able to hold Cade in 3 weeks.  I love my husband so much, and I am so grateful he is walking and healthy and on the way to recovery.

Aaron on Morpine.  He hallucinated.  It was pretty funny. We were eating in his room, and I reached over his bed to grab something off of his food tray, and he said
Aaron: " What are those? Are those pickles? Why do you have a bowl of pickles? I don't want pickles!"
Me: "What? I don't have pickles! If you hallucinate again I will have to tell the nurse."
Aaron: " Oh... Well you have horns on your head."
Me: " That's not a hallucination, those are always there."

Aaron leaving the hospital, anxious to get home.

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