Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jan-Feb. Happenings

 My 27 Birthday! We opened presents, then ate dinner, and cheese cake.  Well me and Aaron ate, then Isabel  threw up afterwards by unexpectadly having the flu. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! lol

 Cade was really sick through January and mid February. He had Pneumonia. We had to do breathing treatments, and multiple rounds of antibiotics.
 Isabel loves her once a week play date with her best friend Dafney.  I look forward to it too, because I get to see my best friend during the week too, Dafney's mom, Talia.
 Isabel won't pass up a chance to jump on our bed, she would love a trampoline if we could afford one or have one in our backyard! lol
 We went up to WI, for Avery's baptism. Isabel had fun playing with her cousins.

 Of course we had amazing cupcakes, and cake made by Brooke.
 Cade recently started to eat rice cereal.  He doesn't like this bumbo that he sits in, the only thing he doesnt resist in sitting in is the jumperoo.  He has been really fussy baby lately.  All he does is cry and fuss, he wants to look around, and be active.  Not a good sign for me, when he gets mobile.  He doesn't like us to sit down and hold him, he wants us to be up moving around.
 Aaron loves to be a dad.  I don't have a picture of this, but Isabel got her first Valentine this year.  It was from her Dad. It was really sweet. I also got her a necklace, and a card. We had fun putting paper hearts up on the wall with accomplishments that she has done, or talents and good deeds.  I got a little crafty too, and made a valentine wreath, and garland.
5 Month

 Isabel and I made a snowman. She asked if we could use a carrot for a nose, and use a scarf, and put arms on it.  She is so smart.  We used MnM's for the eyes, and buttons.  We sneaked a couple for ourselves too.
 We went sledding as a family on the weekend.  We found a smaller hill, so Isabel could go down the hill by herself.  I had to be at the bottom, just in case something happened.  Every time she went down, I was hoping nothing would happen, so it wouldn't ruin the experience for her.  She never fell, she did great, and had plenty of snow sandwiches.
Cade was pooped from being outside from the sledding trip.  In the car Isabel laughed and said," Mamma, Papa  Cade looks like a chicken!! haahha"  She is so cute! I think he looks more like a banana.