Sunday, January 13, 2013


Cade is starting to sleep through the night, which is great!

I had to post this picture, it looks like he is flipping off the camera!

He is a happy baby. He does spit up a lot tho.  Just like his dad.  I have to change his outfit at least 5 times a day.

Isabel and I made Reindeer food, to sprinkle out on the ground on news year eve.
Cade really enjoys his baths, he can be really crabby, but will stop and smile when he gets in the bath.

 2 1/2 months
 Santa's helper, we went to a ward christmas party to see Santa and eat.  Isabel would not get near Santa this year, I was bummed, I got her all dressed up too, hopefully next year she will do better.

 Starting to stand up
We had a visiter this Holiday season. We had an Elf named Skittles come to our house, and report back to Santa every night, then he left on Christmas eve to help Santa. This was a picture of one of the things Skittles did.  He brought back a Candycane Garden Planting Kit for Isabel from the North Pole. It was on Sale he said.

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