Sunday, January 13, 2013

Busy/Fun Christmas

So we started to drive down to Utah through a blizzard warning, we got to Council Bluffs, which is 2 hours away and it took us 6 hours to get there because of the weather.  So we turned around back home and ended up driving 12 hours and got no where.  We waited to days for the free ways to re open, and for us to make up our minds of going again.  When I say us, it really means me. ahah  Aaron was not a happy camper.  Finally we made it to Utah, and went to the Morris family first.
And of course Isabel played with Hannah most of the time.  They played with makeup, face paint, dolls you name it! She loves her Aunt Hannah.

We went sledding too.

Isabel had fun with her Granddad and Grandma Morris, she was a little ruff with Granddad! ahaha
Before we left to go see the Holbrooks, we opened up our gifts to eachother, and had a nice Christmas Eve morning.

On Christmas Eve we went to Isabel's Grandma and Grandpa Holbrook's house.  
Isabel: " Come on Grandpa lets go jump on your bed!"
"Grandpa your my favorite! Can I have a piece of candy now?"
"Your such a silly goofers!"
"Cade is not a burrito!! He is my brother!"

Isabel slept in the same room as Megan and Morgan, and she woke them up at 4am. They held her off til 6am. Then we opened presents!

3 Months
This is probably the cutest picture I have ever seen!! ahah

Papa got a tool box, and tools. He loves tools

Isabel really wanted Power Ranger stuff, her friend Ardi at daycare plays power rangers with her all the time.
Isabel got tons of toys that morning! Santa brought her Power Ranger dress up clothes, and Princess dress up clothes, and a Pink cash register.  We got her a toy set of tools because she is always getting into Aaron's tools. She plays with her toy set all the time.  Pat on the back for me!  She also got a tent, minnie mouse toy set, a new stroller, roller blades, and dress up jewelry.  My sisters spoiled her, and my dad got her a little mermaid bath doll,which she likes a lot.
Grandma H and Isabel 

I am glad Isabel was able to see Megan before she went on her Mission, and to also meet Cade.

Cade's new Uncle Evan.  It was fun to get to know Evan, and Austin.  Aaron had fun just hanging out with them playing Xbox. 

My sisters

We went sledding, I was in need of a break after the walking up the hill the second time. Isabel actually walked up the hill most of the time by her self, she didn't want us to carry her. 

She really started to bond with Evan, it was really sweet to watch.

Here's me huffing and puffing.

Isabel convinced Grandma H to go down with her!

This is my favorite picture of us together right now. I love my little girl!

Here is Cade's new Uncle Austin. Aka: baby whisperer.

The next day we went bowling as a family. It was a blast. Isabel would bowl with a running head start. She loved it.

Cade of course enjoyed it too, mostly enjoyed throwing up on everyone!  Here is my beautiful sister Morgan.

We visited my mom, and my Grandma and Grandpa Bond too! Isabel loved to dance with Grandpa Bond.

For Christmas dinner, we went to my Aunt Kathy's house which I absolutely love! And was able to see my Uncle Kevin, and all my 2nd cousins!!

We also went to Temple square with Grandma Bond, and my mom. It was really cold, we would of stayed longer if it wasn't for the weather, and Isabel's bed time!

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