Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cade Scott Oesterle

Cade Scott Oesterle
September 20, 2012 
12:59 pm
6 lb 13 oz   21 in.

So my Doctor gave me the option to be induced a week early to reduce the risk of another newborn broken collar bone.  So of course I scheduled it.  The doctor broke my water at 8 am. I started having contractions on my own an hour later.  Two minutes apart contractions, which were not pleasant.  I asked for an epidural, which felt like was taking forever for the Anesthesiologist to be done sticking me.  He did an amazing job tho.  I started to slightly feel the contractions an hour later. Which was worrying me, because with Isabel the epidural failed, and they had to place another.  Dr. came in on his lunch break thinking I would only be dilated to an 7-8, but to his surprise I was ready to have the baby.  No wonder I could feel the contractions. The doctor asked the nurse how long I pushed for, and the nurse said " I don't think it was even 5 minutes."  The Doctor said that it was a good thing I got induced, because of how my Pelvic bone is positioned Cade would of broken his collar bone too if he was slightly bigger.  
It took me a few minutes after Cade was born, that the delivery was over, and that I have a son now.  This delivery was so much better than the last.  The nurses, and doctors, and the hospital were wonderful.
When they put Cade into my arms, he looked straight at me.  It felt like time stood still for second, while he was looking into my soul. It was one of the sweetest and memorable moments I will never forget.
Even the nurses commented on how alert he was.  He must of been really excited, and couldn't wait to come to earth!!
Aaron couldn't hold Cade until 2 hours later, because he was too cold when he came out, then he got too hot.   Poor Papa.
Proud Papa

Cade got Isabel a backpack and a Princess Bell bath doll.

Family of 4
My mom came to help us for a week after Cade was born. We loved every second of it! Isabel still is talking about Grandma.
Aunt Kathy, and Grandma Oesterle came down to visit, and see Cade too.
Proud big sister
He does not sleep like Isabel did unfortunately   He is awake every 2 hours, which includes the feeding, so I was getting 1 hour, and 25 min. of sleep.  

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