Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Maternity photos 2012

These maternity photos were shot while I was 32 weeks, caring our first boy. We are still deciding on a name for him.  Aaron and I have decided that it is more difficult to pick out boy names.  This pregnancy has been wonderful compared to my first pregnancy.  I also went to physical therapy for my back issues  while  I was pregnant to gain lower back strength to be able to carry the baby better. That was the best decision I have made during this pregnancy.  At 35 weeks I was diagnosed with Orthostatic Hypertension. The baby has been sitting/laying on a large artery restricting blood flow to my brain, which causes me to become faint and almost pass out.  Now I am trying to be careful of what I do each day, and minimize my daily activities.  Isabel is finally understanding that there is a baby brother coming soon.  She lets me and everyone else know, that she also has something in her tummy.  "A horsey".

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Bethany Sines said...

wow, mal, I had no idea you were suffering from so much back pain and faintness! that BLOOOOOWS. I passed out when I was pregnant with Jack and hit my head and it was scaarrry. Feeling faint constantly is almost worse than nausea or morning sickness, in my opinion. So I admire you and am praying for you! Isn't it nice to know that it will go away completely the second he's born?! : ) You look beautiful, btw.