Sunday, July 29, 2012

Omaha Zoo

4th of July picture that I had to post. She had fun with the fireworks.

We went to the Omaha Zoo for our Family Trip in July. I think this is our first family trip by ourselves.  We had fun. 

The Gorilla's were my Second favorite. It was neat to see them so close up, and really see how much bigger they are than us.  Alot of them would just sit by the glass.

We went on a train ride also at the zoo. The weather started to get pretty miserable the last 2 hours of our visit.  When we first got on the train the announcer scared Isabel because it was so loud. So yes, she was the child crying on the train, just for a few moments tho.
The Aquarium was my favorite part. There was a huge Sea turtle that actually put its nose up to the glass, trying to touch Isabel's hand.  It followed her around.  When we were driving home, I asked her what was her favorite animal at the zoo. She said " Big turtle".  What a neat experience.

This is my 30 week photo carrying our little boy!!

Isabel decided she wanted to show us her belly too.  She tells me that she has a doggy,horsey,or dragon in her belly.