Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's A BOY!


This second picture he is staring right at you. little scary!! When we went to the appointment I asked Aaron what he thought it was. He wouldn't give me an answer.  Probably so he wouldn't get his hopes up, or be wrong.  I thought it was a boy, because of how low the baby is, and how I feel overall compared to my last pregnancy.  The instant the Ultra Sound Tech put the wand on my stomach we saw the little boy's private part!! It was bizarre that she placed it in the exact spot and the baby was laying perfect for us to see it.  The tech moved it away really quickly measuring other things, then  asked if we wanted to know what the sex was.  I just chuckled.  Then of course Aaron guessed what it was before she told us, since he obviously knew.  Good thing we wanted to know.
20 weeks

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