Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Isabel turns 3

Isabel turned 3.  Aaron just got back a day before her birthday from a long 2 week field trip for his summer class. He traveled to Nebraska,Colorado,South Dakota, New Mexico,Texas,Kansas, and probably more states I just don't remember.  This is the cake. Pretty pathetic, but Isabel thought it was amazing. That's all that matters. ha ha
 Isabel likes Minney Mouse a lot right now.  We had a family party for Isabel.
 Isabel chose her birthday dinner. Hamburger and fries.
She had trouble blowing out the last one, so Mom had to help her.

She got a toy kitchen, which took 2 hours to put together the night before. I wouldn't of been able to do it myself, luckly I pressured Aaron to help me.  She also recieved Toy Story 2 movie,book,swimming shoes, baseball bat, a walking barking little dog. She named her Chloe, after her Daycare lady's new puppy. 

Dear Isabel,
We love you so much.  You make us laugh everyday.  You bring so much joy into our lives.  You are an amazing little girl.  You were born a leader. Which can be good or bad, depending if you have had a nap or not.  You have so much love and compassion towards others, exspecially babies.  While at the same time you can be a little vindictive to the other kids at your daycare.  We love you either way.
Favorite Activities you like to do:
dancing, always at the end of a movie you just watched.  Pretending to be a dog. 
Doing magic tricks by holding something in one of your hands, and aksing to pick.  You will switch the item to the other hand right in front of us if we pick the correct hand.  Pretty tricky!!
 You like to go on walks, go to parks and swing.  You love to be in the water, and go to the Ames Waterpark. You started to go down the family slide, which is 2 flights of stairs high, and the water at the end of the slide is to your chin. You motion me over everytime to catch you. 
You like to wrestle/tackle and jump on Papa. Also play Superman too with him and ride on his back like a horse.
You have always love to read. 
You like to be chased, exspecially with the puppy at Daycare.  You like to go to Daycare and play with your friends. 
You like to ride on your 4wheeler.

Things you are working on/Learned:
Being reverent during church. 
Learning to say longer prayers.
You learned you need to keep your legs closed while you are sitting down to go the bathroom.
You sing songs that are really long. (ex. Barney Song, ABC song, I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane" song.  Primary songs.)

Almost everyday after I pick you up from Daycare, you tell me: " I need Papa." I reasure you that he will be home at dinner time.
 One morning I threw up, just from a bad gag reflex from being 6 months pregnant.  You rushed upstairs and woke Papa up, and told him to hurry and come down and help me because I was throwing up.  Papa asked why is she. You replied, " Mama has a baby in her tummy, she throwing up like this... augh augh." 
You needed to go to pee at a park we were playing with your cousins.  Papa took you to the most secluded area. You stopped half way, and dropped your pants in plain sight, where everyone could see you. 
After you have met someone and been around them for more than 5 minutes. You tell them that they are your friend. 
You also let women know that they are dressing immodestly by telling me really loud that they are "nakey". 
You always remind us to give eachother and you as well a kiss goodbye if one of us leaves.  Randomly you will cup your ear with your hand and start talking to one of "your friends" on the phone.

Recent Quotes from Isabel:
"Mommy has boobies, and Papa has pecks." 
"Pee comes from front, and poop comes from back."  
"I have to go my friends house.. right now, k. "
" Where do babies come from?"
"You have a baby in your tummy, I have a dog in my tummy."
Aaron: "Whats the baby's name in mommy's tummy?"
Isabel: "Uncle Tyler!!"

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Grandma O said...

Oh Isabel,
You are growing up so fast and we are missing so much of it. It makes me sad. I am so grateful that your Mommy keeps a blog like this so we can catch up with what is going on in you little life. We just love you so. Maybe next year we will all be together! We must all pray for that.
Grandma O