Friday, April 13, 2012

Memories of Isabel of Age 2

Isabel loves to dance. After she watches a movie, the movie credits will come on. She runs upstairs and gets changed into a dance outfit to dance to the music. She also asks us to sing so she can dance also.
She has been pretty mischief lately in the past 2 months.  Once time when she was getting over a cough, she found baby Vick's rub, and rubbed it all over her dolly's feet, her bed frame, the wall, and the rest in her hair. It took around 5 days to get all the Vick's out of her hair. It smelt like Vick's for a long time. I am just happy she didn't get into the regular Vick's rub.  Not shortly after she got into Vaseline, we caught her in time to not make to much damage. Then she climbed up on my chester drawers and grabbed my new Victoria Secret perfume I got for Christmas.  She drenched her stuff animals with the perfume and her self. Resulting with an empty bottle. She wanted to smell good like Mommy. I had to wash everything.  The next few days she got into my makeup.  I actually didn't get too mad, because she didn't ruin my bare mineral makeup by getting water in it.  I was pretty lucky.  So now the bathroom has minimal things that she can reach, or get into.  We have a floating counter, so we can't child proof the doors. Lately she has realized she can put the toilet seat down and climb onto that to get to high shelves. Now I only have threats to keep her from that. I can't keep the door shut because she is officially potty trained. But still a little scared of going poop still. So usually she does these things when she wakes up in the morning while we are still asleep. 
 She loves her Pappa.
Isabel's Quotes:
"You a silly goose!"
"I have that at Hooome."
"No Mom/Pappa, not Oh my gosh.. need to say Oh my goodness."
(Isabel looking at her daycare lady's boobs.) "Those your boobies? My mom has those at home."
"Mamma, she nakey!" ( Girl walking by in short shorts.)
" Look Mom, I put on makeup. I'm pretty now."
(Whenever I ask Aaron or myself out loud what time it is Isabel says) " It's 6:40 mom."  (same time every time.)
"Mom, your pretty like princess and the frog." (the princess is African American if you didn't know. our child looks beyond the skin color! we are so proud! ahah but still thought it was funny she would say her instead of one that looks like me.)

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