Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy 2012

After Christmas Aaron went to his brother (Tyler) house to paint his upper level of his house. He did a great job. Isabel still talks about Uncle Tyler til this day. He watched Isabel while Aaron painted, I had to go back to Ames to work for a couple of days.

 Isabel playing doctor. She got this doctor kit for Christmas, she plays with this the most out of everything that she got.
 I turned 26 in Jan. Whoo hoo!! I'm getting closer and closer to 30. I'll have to go to Hawaii or somewhere to get over that year!!
 Aaron has been doing so well in school. Aaron and his partner made this.. object next to them. Its tubes with water that is dyed with food coloring. It spins.  Aaron is pretty handy. The project demonstrates the gradation of color between warm to cool. In every individual tube it changes hues to light to dark.  He has a website just of his work.  (

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