Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011 in WI/ Oesterle Family

We had a wonderful Christmas.  We unfortunately got the flu a couple of days before the holiday weekend. We were just happy it didn't happen while we were visiting Aaron's family.  One of the sacrifices you take when you get 30 people to together is to get sick ALL OVER AGAIN.  ha ha We had a blast tho! Here is Isabel reading her christmas present from her Granddad Morris. It is a book that he recorded his voice, so it reads to her! She wanted to read it whenever she saw it laying around. 
We traveled to Aaron's sister's house in WI. Brooke and Kristian's house. There were 9 kids, 11 Adults in the house for 3 days. It was a full house.
Since everyone was together, we had a baby blessing. Not just one, two baby blessings.  Here I am holding Tyler and Nikki's little girl Sophia.

               Here is some of the Oesterle crew hanging out together.
There was some snow on the ground for half a day, so we hurried and got the kids out side to play in the snow.  It's really sad that this was the first time Isabel has played in the snow this year.  There has not been a heavy snowfall this winter yet.

My wonderful boss bought me a Nook for Christmas.  Isabel thinks its her IPad. Here she is watching Netflix on it, while the other cousins can't resist to take a peek.
                           Christmas Eve Grandma O (Aaron's Mom) read to the kids the Nativity Story.
                  Isabel never passed up a chance to hold her cousin Sophie.
Christmas Eve.  The kids all in their matching pajamas.  Waiting to drink the magic sleeping potion so Santa can come.

                                Here are our gifts under the tree.
                                 Here is everybody's gifts under the tree. Santa Came!!
Isabel was still a little groggy, and a little hesitant to unwrap presents, I think it was to do with so many people around.
                                 Christmas morning eager to open up presents

 Aaron bought me PEARLS, and 2 necklaces! What a guy. He said the store ran out of boxes, so he wrapped them in Playstation Game CD cases.  He likes to throw me off when I open the presents.
This is an Oesterle Christmas! They get so excited when guns are involved!! Here is disappointed Aaron holding his Dad's Christmas Gift.
Here is everything Isabel got on Christmas Day!! Most of them are from Santa.
Here is Drew and Aaron puckered out from opening so many presents on Christmas day! 

   Here is my niece Brynn I had to bribe her to sit on my lab by giving her my camera.