Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas is coming

These are sugar cookies. I was taught at a relief society activity how to decorate the cookies.  I was pretty impressed how well they turned out.  They look even better in person. Its very time sensitive to decorate them like this.
 Drew,Stormi, Kai, and Brynn came down to visit us for 5 days. It was a blast! Good thing we moved into our bigger place!! Drew had testing in a town near us. Kai and Isabel had a blast.  They went to our bounce house here, and we were able to go see Sherlock Homes 2.  I really enjoyed it.
                                            Dress up
                                          " I'm so pretty I could cry!"
                                              Story Time

Kai's Quotes during his visit:
(When I first got home to see Kai)
Me: "wow Kai your voice is really deep."
Kai: "yeah. I have a cough"  (he didn't have a cough)
Kai: "you like my black pants? They are soft and cuddly."

(When Kai first got to our house, and was talking to Aaron.)
Kai:  " Your house is really small!!"

(Kai saying a prayer)
Kai:  "Dear Heavenly Father... Please bless Isabel won't be naughty anymore. and grumpy."
Kai: "Please bless that my dad will get a job like the Flash."

Kai: " I will miss you Isabel until I see you again."


Becca said...

Those cookies look amazing! I was wondering what they looked like.

D Oesterle said...

I want to gobble up some cookies! They look amazing! We had fun visiting you all, thanks for letting us stay with you! Kai keeps calling Laikyn, Isabel...he says, "I keep forgetting."