Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Halloween

 We had our ward Trunk or Treat. Isabel had a blast. She was a little cautious with some of the adult costumes, and wasn't shy on taking more than one piece of candy from everyone. She said Trick or Treat so cute.  A lot of people wanted her to quote Monsters Inc movie. So she was saying " Kitty!"  and "Mike Wazowski."  If you can't tell, Isabel was Boo off of Monster's Inc.  They don't sell the costume anymore at the Disney store, and there is no pattern for it.  So I had to wing it and make it by scratch. I'm actually proud of myself that it turned out so well.  I feel like this will be the last year for me to pick her costume for Halloween.
 This is our neighbor's little boy, they are both the same age. They have fun playing together, they went to a couple of houses together on Halloween.
 Aaron came to Isabel's first day of dance class.  Everyone knows Aaron loves to participate in extra curricular activities. ha ha

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