Thursday, October 20, 2011

Family Photos

We finally got our pictures done!!  Iowa weather is so unpredictable. Especially Iowa fall weather.  We planned once to go and take them, and there was a wind watch. That wouldn't of worked. I really like the fall colors.  Chip Whickham did such a great job! Aaron only let him take 2 poses! I knew we would still get some great pictures! Aaron actually grew up with Chip when they were younger.  They are both going to ISU and are in the same ward.  Small world.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cambridge Orchard

Aaron, Isabel, and I went to an Orchard close by Ames.  We had fun, Isabel was a little hesitant at first but then realized it was a blast.  The Orchard had a Pool of corn. That's right.. real corn. The corn was at least a ft. deep.  She thought it was so funny to bury yourself in the corn, and to fall in it.
                                                                     Corn Angel
 Mini Corn Maze. Perfect size for Isabel.
  Right before we left the orchard, Isabel wanted to go into the Corn Pool again. So Aaron went in with her.  The camera died, so we didn't get any pictures of that, or the "bouncy pillow". It was this huge blown up trampoline thing.  Isabel thought it was soo funny that she was getting flung around.  And of course I went on that with her.   Since I made Aaron hop in the train with Isabel not thinking that it would be a tight squeeze.  ahah.  I felt bad after he was half way around the track! Isabel cryed right when they got in, and this couple beside me said " I think your husband is crying in the inside too." ahah it was funny.
They also had behind the train sling shots, you could put apples in them.
This slide was a lot steeper than it looks.  You would sit on these perlap bags, and slide down. Aaron and Isabel went down. She actually liked it, and would of gone down again, the line for this thing was horrible. So we past and went on the bouncy pillow.
When we were about to go home it just started to get really hot and busy. We were glad we went in the morning.  When we got in the car, we wiped off our hands with baby wipes before we had a snack.  I decided to wipe my leg, because it felt like there was a weird film all on my body.  The wipe came up dark brown!! ahah It was from rolling around in that corn.  We went straight home and took showers. Aaron went to a soccer game, and I made my delicious Lasagna and baked cookies.  What a day.