Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The month of July 2011 was pretty hectic.  We had to have everything packed by the end of the month because we were moving to another apartment the beginning of August.  While trying to pack, I had Sinus Surgery done. Which made me useless for at least a week.  Then traveled to Nebraska the last week in July for a wedding reception. (friend of Aaron's.)

 Isabel was very sweet, and was very cautious not to bump my nose.  ( since it hurt to even sneeze!)  Isabel: " Mommy nose ouchy?  OOOH mommy has boogers? Let me see!"    She would see dried blood sometimes around my nose, and think it was boogers.  It was pretty cute how curious she was about my nose.  Aaron was such an amazing husband through the whole recovery.  He would take care of me, and Isabel and keep the house decent.  He was very understanding and caring (most of the time. lol)
 It took us 10 hours to get to Scottsbluff Nebraska. Aaron went to college and played soccer in Scottsbluff.  He had this one family in his ward there that he was really close to.  Irene and Mark Anderson were like his temporary parents while he lived there for 2 years. While we were in Scottsbluff, we were able to stay at their house.  Isabel loved the kids, and all the toys!!
 Cade and Megan Mulloy's reception.   Aaron really loved to see everyone again and to visit with his close friends that he hasn't seen for 3 years.
 The day after the reception we went to Cade's parents ranch.  Isabel was thrilled to ride the colt.
 She was not shy around the goats.  She had fun seeing all the animals.
 The Andersons

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