Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brooke and Kristian Moved to Wisconsin!

We went up to visit Brooke (Aaron's sister.) and Kristian and the girls in Wisconsin.  They recently moved from Oregon.  We were able to just sit back and relax and catch up since we haven't seen each other for 2 years.
Going garage sale hunting! Brooke found a great rocking chair for $20 bucks. Go Brooke!  I got 2 painted porcelain reindeer for FREE!!! They reminded me of pieces from my Grandma Holbrook's house. I can't resist Christmas decorations!
 Laikyn and Isabel had fun together.  They were inseparable.
First SMORE! 
   Brooke and Kristian have such amiable neighbors, we were able to roast hot dogs, and smores.  The kids had a blast. It was Isabel's first "camp fire".
 Here are the girls getting high off of sugar!
 Aaron was put to work at Brooke's.  Aaron told me Drew was the one to pressure him into doing stupid stuff that would result in a serious injury.  Same ol' Aaron, can't turn down a dare.  "I can paint and balance on the staircase."  lol
 When is this messy phase going to end?  I recently bought her a booster seat. I am trying to stay consistant. She has been eating on a booster at daycare for quite some time now.  I'm trying to encourage her not to be as messy and not play with the food.  It's painful to just let her eat apple sauce, and spaghetti in the booster seat with carpet on the floor.  aah  All I remember is going up to see Kai for his 2nd birthday, and how neat and clean he was eating his dinner.  Come on Isabel be more like Kai! (Kai is Isabel's cousin.)
 Here is Aaron's first project in the Architecture Program.  This house actually exists.  Its a round house.  His team had to make a model of it too.  Ill post that later.

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D Oesterle said...

SO jealous you all can get together! Miss you all! Aaron is standing on something, right?! Kai has never liked to get his hands dirty...haha! Brynn on the other hand is messy! Love the project Aaron!