Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of July

 The 4th of July!! What an eventful day! Aaron got up at 6am to help set up for the ward breakfast.  He just had enough time to come home and pick us up to go.  I made Isabel those cork screw barrettes. It was my first time making them. Holy cow! They take forever to make!!
 They had amazing breakfast! I was really surprised, I've been to ones that the pancakes are burnt and everything else you wouldn't touch. This one gave me hope for all the future ward breakfasts.
So I have to tell you about the POOPY SLIDE story.  So there was a playground at the park where the ward breakfast was held. There was this TALL tube slide all by itself with its own stairs to it. It made my stomach jump when I got to the top.  So Aaron came over to play with Isabel and I.  We decided to let her go down. I went up with her, and unexpectedly became the slide guard!!  I helped the kids go down the slide. Then after a while something started to stink.  Isabel was done, so I decided to go back down the stairs.  I saw Isabel from the distance and saw something on her khaki shorts.  I asked Aaron to check to see if she had a poopy diaper because the slide started to reek like poop with the 90 degree heat beating on it.  Aaron checked. No poop, he smelt his arm that he held her with and smelt her pants.  Poop. YUCK! Huge brown stain on her shorts!  Someone had a poopy diaper that squished out of their skirt or dress while going down the slide.  POOPY SLIDE! So we went home and cleaned her up and changed her into something else.  What a great way to start the day!! ahah
 Parade! This was Isabel's first parade. She liked it a lot. Aaron and I were prepared to be chasing her around the whole time. Surprisingly she wanted to stay in her stroller with the shade over her. She had an older friend go grab candy for her. She knew she didn't need to move an inch. She had candy, comfortable chair and shade! :)
This picture below reminded me of my dad and I.  He always put me on his shoulders pretty much wherever we went. Parades, Festivals, long walks, Carnivals, Disney Land, everywhere. I loved it. I still remember wiping the sweat off his forehead when he carried me on his shoulders when we visited the Timpanogos cave.  This moment seeing Aaron holding Isabel on his shoulders made me realize how much my father loved me and still does. Fathers have such a significant role in a family, they are such a huge impact in their children's lives. I love you DAD!

 The kids were excited for the parade. (kids from our ward.)
 So while we were lighting the sparklers and snakes.. I told Aaron that I should of gone a couple of days ago and bought fireworks, because this is all they had.  Then Aaron said " Don't you know Iowa doesn't sell fireworks? Its illegal. Only these are permitted."  WHAT? Thats ridiculous! NO FOUNTAINS? NO WHISTLERS? NO SMOKE BOMBS?  These were the short crummy sparklers too. Isabel got burnt on the first one, and decided to play with the snakes instead.  I kept on trying to get her to try again, but she wouldn't have it. We invited her best friend Dafney to come and play the sparklers, since Isabel didn't want to.  The next day I saw a pretty good size welt on her finger. I felt bad! It really did hurt! ahah


D Oesterle said...

Cute corkscrew barrettes! Sounds like you all had a fun 4th, except the poopy slide incident...yuck!

MortFamily said...

Poop slide! Sorry, its just so disgusting and funny at the same time! I didn't know til this 4th that Iowa doesn't allow ANY fireworks. Ridiculous!