Sunday, June 12, 2011

Isabel 2 yrs old

Dear Isabel,
You just turned two, and this past year has gone by so fast! You are such a joy in our lives.  We are so impressed that you are learning so much everyday!  You are such a smart little girl. That can be a good and a bad thing.  An example of good: was saying over 75 words at 1/1/2 yrs old.  And example of bad: Dafney (her friend) was on Isabel's rocking horse.  Isabel was not happy she was on it. So she threw down some movies and toys and said " uh oh Daf.. mess.. clean up."  So Dafney got off the rocking horse to help clean up, and Isabel quickly jumped on!  

Things you like to do: You like to go on long walks and bike rides.  You got a little 4 wheeler, and you are a little frustrated with the steering, but hopefully you will like it even more next year. From last year of being adventurous.  This year you are a little more vigilant about the water park, and even regular parks.  You like to swing, to the point we get bored pushing you!! :)   
Things you like : You love Horses.  Anything to do with horses is great. Stickers, movies, stuff animals.  You are obsessed with the movie Tangled.  We bought you other Disney movies just to keep us sane.  You still like your blankets of course.  You love books more than anything really!! 

Funny things you say: " I see you!" ( while she is spying on you!) 
 "See ya later"  She says " Wow" and " OkAy".  She says that way to much because of me.  I say "okay" a lot because of work.  Another is you tell me who has been naughty at daycare recently.  " Mama Kaden naughty.. yeah Kaden timeout."     " watch this mum.. watch this!"  " Ready! set! Go!"

Funny things you do:  You will run up to any dog that you see.  You put stuff animals in your time out and scold them!  Recently you ride your toy broom like a horse and gallop around, even without the broom. :) You also like to jump on your bed. ( yes we let her do that.)  You like to hold the keys after we get out of the car, and open the front door by your self.  You always want socks on your feet.  It doesn't matter if its winter or humid summer, you love your socks. Especially for bed time.  You will remind us to put them on if we forget.  We have to tell you to take them off when you wear sandals. 

 Yes we spoil her!! I couldn't resist! I have always wanted one when I was young.  We had a family party.
 Fast and Furious!!
 Then we also had a party for her at a park with a wadding pool.  This pinata was so stubborn.  It would not break.  I assume everyone had at least 2 turns or more before it broke.
 Here is part of the party group!!
 Isabel said" Ready set Go!!" before she blew out the candles!
 I had to post this picture of my self!! Priceless!! ahha
 No one was at the wading pool, but us.  Which was so wonderful!!

 She had a blast!!  Thank you all for making her day so special!!

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Charmaine said...

It's been forever since I've checked anybodies blog, but Isabel is huge! She's so adorable!! And happy birthday to her! Hope all is well with you guys!