Monday, May 30, 2011

Mother's day/ the Zoo

Happy mother's day!!! I had a great mother's day! Isabel and Aaron got me a bike, with an attachment for Isabel to ride also!! It took her a couple of days to fall in love with it. Now when we get on she never wants to get off!! We got a men's bike so Aaron can ride it to school if he wants. And the seat comes off and on so easily. It's so much fun to have the bike. We have gone to parks that are too far away to walk in the hot weather! It's so convenient. We are blessed. ( Don't worry we did buy Isabel a helmet, just not that day, we forgot!!) 

That next weekend was really busy!! Aaron had a soccer game, that he did really well in!!  Like always!! Then we went up to Iowa City to see Aaron's grandma(Grandma Shaw), and Uncle John( which is an Architect). We had lunch and went to Iowa's Children Museum. Aaron and I thought it was going to be more of a scientific museum, but it was one big huge playground with different themes. There was a grocery store, with little shopping carts.(Isabel's favorite.) A fake Pizza Restaurant, real size plane and hot air balloon, fake hospital, and so much more.
Then at the end of the 4 day weekend, we went to the Zoo.  The same one we went to the year before.  Isabel liked it a lot more. She had a lot of fun.  I brought some cash for a specific reason.. to ride on the camel.  She did not know what to think in the beginning, but she thought it was pretty cool, she got so excited and laughing and jumping after we got off. There was a little camel too right by the gate she was going crazy over! I only had one railing to hold on too, my other hand was holding on to her, so I felt like I was going to fly right off!! It's a pretty rough ride!! aahha

 She liked this car alot, it was right by the lion.  She just really liked the animals so much more this year. She likes animals so much. I am so glad we were able to go this year.
I had to put these two pictures together!!! The first one was from last year. She has grown up so fast!!  I love her tremendously! 

 The fish went crazy when she fed them!! ahah She liked it a lot too.  I think feeding the animals was her favorite!
 We did the rain forest at the end!! It was amazing. We didn't do this part last year! I was really cool, actually I think Isabel liked this part the best!! the animals were right off the path that she could chase them, and the waterfall was amazing, and so beautiful! I have always wanted to go to Hawaii just to see and explore the rain forest!! I think it is so neat!
 This is on the way home from one of our trips, the Zoo or Iowa City!!

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Bethany Sines said...

wow she is getting SO big!! ; ) i love that bike contraption. and you are seriously SO beautiful, mal.