Monday, May 30, 2011

Family came to Visit!!

Aaron's parents and sister Sarah came into town to visit us.  They stayed the night, and went to church with us and hung out with us all day the next day!! We were able to just hang out and relax, we went to a park too.  Isabel really loved the attention!! They also were able to watch the primary performance in sacrament meeting that I accompanied, the song was " I love to see the temple".  The ward is having ward temple day in a couple of weeks.
 Isabel always ran to Grandpa. Aaron really thinks she remembers them staying with us that week last year. Isabel is making sure that Grandpa isn't wearing a toupee. ahah
 Rear shot!
 Isabel wanted to show them her stone that she made last year that was placed in the public park.  That was so much fun to make and to be apart of making that park so much more memorable!! What a neat experience!
 I have to say... Isabel is very fond of Aunt Sarah.  She loved to wear her earrings ( Aaron called them belly dancing earrings!)  She enjoyed that extra attention.
 Here is our updated family picture relaxing on a Sunday afternoon!!  Yes that is Aaron that is sitting next to me. TWO more weeks and that beard and long hair is GONE!!  That's when he finds out if he got into the Architectural Program.
 YEAH!! The Aquatic Center is open!! We went on Memorial day.. surprise surprise! I hate crowds.. but it wasn't that crowded for Tot Time. Then when all ages could come it got packed, but by that time we were almost done!! AND I found a $10 bill on the ground !! lucky day!! ahah
Isabel was a little more hesitant about the water park and slides this time than last year. She did pretty well after an hour or so.

Random pictures:
It finally happened.  She got into my makeup. So pretty Isabel.  She steals my makeup brushes sometimes!! She is so cute!
 We read two books to her at night before she goes to bed.  She will remind us too if we want to rush the bedtime routine! :)

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