Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some of Aaron's School Work

Tonight I went and dropped off some icecream while Aaron was at school at night. I finally relized and was able to see what he does everynight, and how much stress he goes throught. Also how much determination he has to make these pieces of art.  I told him tonight " Wow this sucks." He asked what I was talking about.. I said " That you have to come to this small classroom, with dim lighting and draw at 7pm til usally midnight."  Who wants to draw til they fall asleep everynight?? I wouldn't exspecially if its expected of you, and not just a hobby. He had never taken art classes in highschool, he has never been really interested in drawing really in the past.   He says its just takes time and determination, and anyone could draw.  I think that is true, but I have seen other students pieces similar to his, and they don't even come close. Aaron is really good.

This piece he did last year. I just thought of posting it.  They were teaching how to get the observer to look at certain objects on the picture first.

 This one was last semester in sculpting class. He was taught movement and 4 dimensional stuff... I don't know really how to explain it!! ahah I'll have to ask him later how to explain these better!!
 This one was due right before Christmas.  I was helping him hold the pieces together while I was trying to recover from my surgery.  He had to cut stained glass, and sauter these pieces together to make the shape of the clay model above.  I would kinda freak out everytime he would get remotely close to my fingers while I was holding the glass together.  It was pretty hard and time consuming to do this one.
 This one was last year when we first got here. He had to make a paper replica of this trowel without using tape or glue. So he pretty much did origami and weaved the whole thing.  The Professor really liked it. There is another photo of it a couple photos down.

This one you cant see that well, but its one of his still lifes.  He can't take pictures of it, he has to go in everynight to draw it.

Another Still life.

I think this one was from last year. But he sat in the hallway of his design building and drew this!!

The paper " Thing" beside the Trowel is one or two pieces of the pattern of the trowel. They needed to make a " Space container" Definition: a container that holds space.  Don't you love art?? ahah Some things are just kinda funny... but interesting.

This one is one of my favorites so far. I think he drew with chalk.

YES he is growing out his hair, and NO I don't have a say in it. He is doing this til he gets the acceptance results for the Architecture program(June). I am so grateful for such a hard working husband, that wants to support his family and procede in a long and stressful journey of college to obtain a great occupation, and a wonderful life!! He does all this and still helps out with Isabel when he is at home!! What a great man!! I am truly blessed.  He will be submitting his porfolio this next week to apply for the program.

Minnie Mouse Weekend/ Easter

We went to Tyler and Nikki's house for Ella's 2nd Birthday Party. The theme was Minnie Mouse. Nikki made matching shirts, and I made the tutus.  She had alot of fun. Actally all of us did. The boys went out by themselves while we had the party.  Isabel was a little hesitant when all the girls first got there. But she got better.

 Look in the background of all the treats and goodies that they got ahold of!!! Isabel really liked the chocolate dipped pretzel.
 They got to dress up in necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses, and boas. Isabel denied the boa offer.

 Cupcakes, marshmallows,cotton candy, loli pops, white/chocolate dipped pretzels, oreo choc./white choc. dipped cookies. starbursts,  tootsie rolls, and lemonade. Whew!

She woke up with a stroller and a basket of candy.. she was pretty thrilled. She was carrying both of hers, and Aaron/my baskets around while pushing her stroller.  She kept pushing chairs, and boxes around. So I thought it was time to get her own stroller.
                                    Easter Dress!! So pretty.
               Isabel invited Dafney her best friend down to have an easter egg hunt.  They actually caught on and liked it. You can tell by Isabel's full mouth of jellybeans!!
 I need to keep our red eye preflash on!! hahh Ignore the red eyes, and I thought it was a good pic. to post!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Life is always interesting with a toddler

The last couple of weeks have been really stressful due to my studying, and working, and Aaron having tons of projects due all the time. Hopefully the next couple of weeks, it will die down for at least me, and hopefully Aaron by the end of May. So Isabel has such a personality. She is so entertaining. Like I said before... she loves shoes.. always has to have a pair on. And she is obsessed with the movie Tangled. Everyday for the last 2 weeks when she wakes up, comes home from daycare, and sometimes even when its time for bed she asks " Horsie? Horsie?" The movie has a horse in it. I like this movie, it has tons of music and really good animation and action. She can watch almost the whole thing straight through. I was able to get my weekly chores done because of this Built In Babysitter. Ohwell... sue me!! ahah
Terrible 2's
General Conference was great. It was 80 degrees outside. We loved going outside during the breaks. She is liking to do color with chalk.
I made this tutu.. every little girl needs a tutu.

Isabel and Daf. They ask to play with eachother everday.