Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring is coming.. slowly

WARNING: Tons of Pictures :)
I know spring is here, but it still is snowing randomly, and its nice for one day, then the next day its freezing. The sun tricks you, thinking its nice, till you are outside for 5 min. then you want to go back inside. Aaron took Isabel to the park play area, and it was packed that day, since every kid is done being inside. Isabel and I decided to go to a park outside later in the day. We lasted 10min I think!! ahah It kinda became a little photo shoot. I felt bad because she was getting so cold, but she didn't want to leave.

Isabel started to complain about the sun being in her eyes. She keeps the sunglasses on pretty well for a 1 1/2 yr old.

Look at those eyes!!

Isabel: "Im freezing!!"

Isabel brings her lower jaw out like her Papa!! :)

Isabel: " Really mom?! Are you really making me sit here??"

Isabel:" You told me to smile so here it is.. CHEESE!"

Isabel is talking in short sentences. I have to remember some of the things she says... Oh she took off her coat by herself and she told Aaron " I did it!!" hahaha Yesturday she smacked my bum and she said to Aaron " I hit mama bum" It was funny!! oh and " I want crackers." She says things here and there she is so cute, and growing up so fast!!

Today was a great day at church, I feel like it has been the best Sunday since she was small. She sat in Sacrament the whole time, and was really good. I would draw animals, and she was identifying them. Aaron and I was really impressed, so was the family behind us, since she doesn't whisper. When the ward would start to sing, she would start to sing soooo loud!! And have these serious expressions on her face ahah it was soo funny!!! I couldn't help not to laugh. Isabel was looking at me like whats so funny?? I was able to listen to the speakers, and plus got to sit in on RS for 15 min inbetween my calling, so it was a great day!!!


am and fm said...

So mom always says she looks like Finley and I can see it more in these pics...she is a little doll...can't wait to live closer so we can give her big squeezes more!! love you guys!

Becca said...

So cute! I know what you mean about spring. I never say spring is my favorite season, because it is such a tease.
That is great that you were able to actually listen to the speakers on Sunday. I don't know what that's like.