Sunday, February 6, 2011

High heels/ Waterloo

Isabel got her own pair of high heels. She thought they were the best thing!! She likes to dress up, play with jewelry, and be in tutus. Sorry Aaron, Isabel is a girly girl!! ahah

We went to Waterloo to meet up with Drew and Stormi( Aaron's brother) and the kids. Isa and Kai had fun jumping on the bed. Kai was so excited to play with Isa. Steve and Chris were so nice to let us stay at their house a night so we could be with everyone. Thankyou Uncle Steve and Aunt Chris.

This was the first time seeing Brynn our little niece. She has the biggest pretty brown eyes. She loved Aaron!! she would just stare at him. It was kinda funny. :)

The crew!

Aaron wanted pictures. This never happens so I had to take them!!

Aaron is drawing all the time. This is a project he just started. Its in pencil, so hopefully you can see it. His teacher chooses the best pictures out of all of her classes, then puts them on display! Aaron's was put on display!! Go Aaron!