Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting Colder and Older

We went sledding with some friends. Isabel liked the toddler sled since it has a break underneath it, so it only goes a certain speed. It was cold, but warmer than the other days that week, so we were happy.

Aaron and his friend decided to try a sled train

I was surprised that Isabel was fussing a little while I took her sledding on the faster sled. Acutally she started to cry.. cry for PAPA!! ahah She will go up to huge dogs, and horses!! but she doesn't like the rush you get when going down a hill, with snow and cold air hitting your face. :) Aaron and I had fun. Aaron was wearing just sweats for pants, but I made him go down a couple times too.

So I turned 25.... oh jeez.. I'm getting closer to 30. I want to have 3 kids by the time I'm 30. I wanted 4 but.. I'm already 25 so thats not going to happen, so I'm settling with 3 before 30. Then I'll have to break my stopping mark to 31-32.

Aaron took me out the night before. We went and saw True Grit. I liked it, it had alot of dry humor. And its good to see some westerns here and there. Then we went to a friends house to play games and talk. We got home and we were exhausted!! I felt so old. It was just 10:50pm. ahah
The next day after church we had chicken fettichinni, and cheese cake, from the cheese cake factory. I thought we had candles.. but we didn't!! So we did matches instead!! Typical student family!! ahah We had so much cheesecake we had to give some away to our neighboors, since Aaron didn't want any, and Isabel thought it was discusting.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year Resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Isabel knows how to party!!

Isabel was able to hang out with her dad for a whole week before he went back to school, while I went back to work.
New Year Resolutions:
Aaron: To go a whole week without eating sugar one time this year!! ahah
Mallorie: 1. To be more thoughtful of others' feelings.
2. Be more patient with Isabel
Isabel: Try to convince Papa to let me do Tumble bugs in the summer.
This is Aaron being Aaron!! aha I had to post it. :)

Utah Christmas Trip

So... Long story here!! Before we left to Utah, I got surgery done in the middle of the month of Dec. I got my galbladder removed. The doctors had no answer why I was having a hard time recovering, more dizziness, and breathing prob. So by the time we were traveling I could eat almost everything, just still a little dizzy and weak.
So our flight got delayed, or cancled on Christmas Eve so we had to stay in an hotel, then we got to my parents house in the afternoon of Christmas day. It was a horrible trip. Once we got there it was great!! We prob. won't fly again for a long time probably.

Isabel really liked her Uncle Jared. She loved all the toys she got, and even the toys I played with and her Aunt Hannah when we were little. Oh and she loved Yaka!!! (yaka use to be my little yorkie before Aaron gave me the ultimatium of "the dog or me.")

She liked to wrestle with Grandma Morris, and get on her bed,and play with her jewelry, and makeup.
Aunt Hannah was a big help. She played with Isabel alot, while I had Bronchitis, and a Sinus Infection, and Aaron getting over something too.

After a few days we switch families and my family in Boise, came down to Utah, so we could see them. This is my brother Rockwell, and Morgan. We all had a lot of fun!! Aaron was able to play DOMINOES with my dad and my Grandpa. Plus they did a movie marathon too!!

Isabel really did love all the attention.

Megan, Rockwell, Morgan

Grandpa Holbrook. Isabel: " I just pooped!! cheese!"

The trip back wasn't that bad, Isabel did really good actually. the flights were shorter, since we were with the wind. Isabel had her own seat this flight!! :)

My Grandma Holbrook made this hat for Isabel for Christmas. She loves it, and wears it alot. I think its easier for her to put on and take off.