Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas is coming

These are sugar cookies. I was taught at a relief society activity how to decorate the cookies.  I was pretty impressed how well they turned out.  They look even better in person. Its very time sensitive to decorate them like this.
 Drew,Stormi, Kai, and Brynn came down to visit us for 5 days. It was a blast! Good thing we moved into our bigger place!! Drew had testing in a town near us. Kai and Isabel had a blast.  They went to our bounce house here, and we were able to go see Sherlock Homes 2.  I really enjoyed it.
                                            Dress up
                                          " I'm so pretty I could cry!"
                                              Story Time

Kai's Quotes during his visit:
(When I first got home to see Kai)
Me: "wow Kai your voice is really deep."
Kai: "yeah. I have a cough"  (he didn't have a cough)
Kai: "you like my black pants? They are soft and cuddly."

(When Kai first got to our house, and was talking to Aaron.)
Kai:  " Your house is really small!!"

(Kai saying a prayer)
Kai:  "Dear Heavenly Father... Please bless Isabel won't be naughty anymore. and grumpy."
Kai: "Please bless that my dad will get a job like the Flash."

Kai: " I will miss you Isabel until I see you again."

Thanksgiving 2011

We went to Waterloo IA at Aaron's grandparents house for thanksgiving.  We have been going there since we have been in Ames.  We love how close we are to them.  Also one of Aaron's uncles moved back to Waterloo, so there are two uncles, and grandparents nearby.  Its fun to get together.  Brooke and Kristian moved from Oregon this last summer, so they were able to come too.  There was 9 kids there under the age of 6.  It was pretty loud. 

Nikki brought a bounce house which everyone enjoyed.

 After thanksgiving dinner, we headed up to Tyler and Nikki's house for the weekend.  Brooke and Kristian and their kids came too. The girls went black Friday shopping while the boys stayed home with the kids.
We also went to the mall and attempted to get a picture with Santa.  The lady in the picture asked if I wanted to take another with Santa crying too!! ahah it was pretty funny!!
 This is Isabel's new cousin Sophie.  She was always trying to help her by putting her binkie back in her mouth, or getting us if she started to cry.

Friday, November 18, 2011

What a Ham

Isabel's quote I shall never forget:   
Isabel pulled up Aaron's shirt today while he was laying down on the floor.  She asked, "Belly food? Belly food?"  while she pulled out the lint from Aaron's belly button!  ha ha

The other day she also asked me if I wanted a drink of her coffee in her sippy cup.  I asked her where she heard the word coffee, and told her that she is silly, and that we don't drink coffee.  Then she said " Mom, I like coffee".  Oh geez.. so I found out later they have "pretend coffee parties" at daycare.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Halloween

 We had our ward Trunk or Treat. Isabel had a blast. She was a little cautious with some of the adult costumes, and wasn't shy on taking more than one piece of candy from everyone. She said Trick or Treat so cute.  A lot of people wanted her to quote Monsters Inc movie. So she was saying " Kitty!"  and "Mike Wazowski."  If you can't tell, Isabel was Boo off of Monster's Inc.  They don't sell the costume anymore at the Disney store, and there is no pattern for it.  So I had to wing it and make it by scratch. I'm actually proud of myself that it turned out so well.  I feel like this will be the last year for me to pick her costume for Halloween.
 This is our neighbor's little boy, they are both the same age. They have fun playing together, they went to a couple of houses together on Halloween.
 Aaron came to Isabel's first day of dance class.  Everyone knows Aaron loves to participate in extra curricular activities. ha ha

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Family Photos

We finally got our pictures done!!  Iowa weather is so unpredictable. Especially Iowa fall weather.  We planned once to go and take them, and there was a wind watch. That wouldn't of worked. I really like the fall colors.  Chip Whickham did such a great job! Aaron only let him take 2 poses! I knew we would still get some great pictures! Aaron actually grew up with Chip when they were younger.  They are both going to ISU and are in the same ward.  Small world.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cambridge Orchard

Aaron, Isabel, and I went to an Orchard close by Ames.  We had fun, Isabel was a little hesitant at first but then realized it was a blast.  The Orchard had a Pool of corn. That's right.. real corn. The corn was at least a ft. deep.  She thought it was so funny to bury yourself in the corn, and to fall in it.
                                                                     Corn Angel
 Mini Corn Maze. Perfect size for Isabel.
  Right before we left the orchard, Isabel wanted to go into the Corn Pool again. So Aaron went in with her.  The camera died, so we didn't get any pictures of that, or the "bouncy pillow". It was this huge blown up trampoline thing.  Isabel thought it was soo funny that she was getting flung around.  And of course I went on that with her.   Since I made Aaron hop in the train with Isabel not thinking that it would be a tight squeeze.  ahah.  I felt bad after he was half way around the track! Isabel cryed right when they got in, and this couple beside me said " I think your husband is crying in the inside too." ahah it was funny.
They also had behind the train sling shots, you could put apples in them.
This slide was a lot steeper than it looks.  You would sit on these perlap bags, and slide down. Aaron and Isabel went down. She actually liked it, and would of gone down again, the line for this thing was horrible. So we past and went on the bouncy pillow.
When we were about to go home it just started to get really hot and busy. We were glad we went in the morning.  When we got in the car, we wiped off our hands with baby wipes before we had a snack.  I decided to wipe my leg, because it felt like there was a weird film all on my body.  The wipe came up dark brown!! ahah It was from rolling around in that corn.  We went straight home and took showers. Aaron went to a soccer game, and I made my delicious Lasagna and baked cookies.  What a day.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brooke and Kristian Moved to Wisconsin!

We went up to visit Brooke (Aaron's sister.) and Kristian and the girls in Wisconsin.  They recently moved from Oregon.  We were able to just sit back and relax and catch up since we haven't seen each other for 2 years.
Going garage sale hunting! Brooke found a great rocking chair for $20 bucks. Go Brooke!  I got 2 painted porcelain reindeer for FREE!!! They reminded me of pieces from my Grandma Holbrook's house. I can't resist Christmas decorations!
 Laikyn and Isabel had fun together.  They were inseparable.
First SMORE! 
   Brooke and Kristian have such amiable neighbors, we were able to roast hot dogs, and smores.  The kids had a blast. It was Isabel's first "camp fire".
 Here are the girls getting high off of sugar!
 Aaron was put to work at Brooke's.  Aaron told me Drew was the one to pressure him into doing stupid stuff that would result in a serious injury.  Same ol' Aaron, can't turn down a dare.  "I can paint and balance on the staircase."  lol
 When is this messy phase going to end?  I recently bought her a booster seat. I am trying to stay consistant. She has been eating on a booster at daycare for quite some time now.  I'm trying to encourage her not to be as messy and not play with the food.  It's painful to just let her eat apple sauce, and spaghetti in the booster seat with carpet on the floor.  aah  All I remember is going up to see Kai for his 2nd birthday, and how neat and clean he was eating his dinner.  Come on Isabel be more like Kai! (Kai is Isabel's cousin.)
 Here is Aaron's first project in the Architecture Program.  This house actually exists.  Its a round house.  His team had to make a model of it too.  Ill post that later.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The month of July 2011 was pretty hectic.  We had to have everything packed by the end of the month because we were moving to another apartment the beginning of August.  While trying to pack, I had Sinus Surgery done. Which made me useless for at least a week.  Then traveled to Nebraska the last week in July for a wedding reception. (friend of Aaron's.)

 Isabel was very sweet, and was very cautious not to bump my nose.  ( since it hurt to even sneeze!)  Isabel: " Mommy nose ouchy?  OOOH mommy has boogers? Let me see!"    She would see dried blood sometimes around my nose, and think it was boogers.  It was pretty cute how curious she was about my nose.  Aaron was such an amazing husband through the whole recovery.  He would take care of me, and Isabel and keep the house decent.  He was very understanding and caring (most of the time. lol)
 It took us 10 hours to get to Scottsbluff Nebraska. Aaron went to college and played soccer in Scottsbluff.  He had this one family in his ward there that he was really close to.  Irene and Mark Anderson were like his temporary parents while he lived there for 2 years. While we were in Scottsbluff, we were able to stay at their house.  Isabel loved the kids, and all the toys!!
 Cade and Megan Mulloy's reception.   Aaron really loved to see everyone again and to visit with his close friends that he hasn't seen for 3 years.
 The day after the reception we went to Cade's parents ranch.  Isabel was thrilled to ride the colt.
 She was not shy around the goats.  She had fun seeing all the animals.
 The Andersons

Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of July

 The 4th of July!! What an eventful day! Aaron got up at 6am to help set up for the ward breakfast.  He just had enough time to come home and pick us up to go.  I made Isabel those cork screw barrettes. It was my first time making them. Holy cow! They take forever to make!!
 They had amazing breakfast! I was really surprised, I've been to ones that the pancakes are burnt and everything else you wouldn't touch. This one gave me hope for all the future ward breakfasts.
So I have to tell you about the POOPY SLIDE story.  So there was a playground at the park where the ward breakfast was held. There was this TALL tube slide all by itself with its own stairs to it. It made my stomach jump when I got to the top.  So Aaron came over to play with Isabel and I.  We decided to let her go down. I went up with her, and unexpectedly became the slide guard!!  I helped the kids go down the slide. Then after a while something started to stink.  Isabel was done, so I decided to go back down the stairs.  I saw Isabel from the distance and saw something on her khaki shorts.  I asked Aaron to check to see if she had a poopy diaper because the slide started to reek like poop with the 90 degree heat beating on it.  Aaron checked. No poop, he smelt his arm that he held her with and smelt her pants.  Poop. YUCK! Huge brown stain on her shorts!  Someone had a poopy diaper that squished out of their skirt or dress while going down the slide.  POOPY SLIDE! So we went home and cleaned her up and changed her into something else.  What a great way to start the day!! ahah
 Parade! This was Isabel's first parade. She liked it a lot. Aaron and I were prepared to be chasing her around the whole time. Surprisingly she wanted to stay in her stroller with the shade over her. She had an older friend go grab candy for her. She knew she didn't need to move an inch. She had candy, comfortable chair and shade! :)
This picture below reminded me of my dad and I.  He always put me on his shoulders pretty much wherever we went. Parades, Festivals, long walks, Carnivals, Disney Land, everywhere. I loved it. I still remember wiping the sweat off his forehead when he carried me on his shoulders when we visited the Timpanogos cave.  This moment seeing Aaron holding Isabel on his shoulders made me realize how much my father loved me and still does. Fathers have such a significant role in a family, they are such a huge impact in their children's lives. I love you DAD!

 The kids were excited for the parade. (kids from our ward.)
 So while we were lighting the sparklers and snakes.. I told Aaron that I should of gone a couple of days ago and bought fireworks, because this is all they had.  Then Aaron said " Don't you know Iowa doesn't sell fireworks? Its illegal. Only these are permitted."  WHAT? Thats ridiculous! NO FOUNTAINS? NO WHISTLERS? NO SMOKE BOMBS?  These were the short crummy sparklers too. Isabel got burnt on the first one, and decided to play with the snakes instead.  I kept on trying to get her to try again, but she wouldn't have it. We invited her best friend Dafney to come and play the sparklers, since Isabel didn't want to.  The next day I saw a pretty good size welt on her finger. I felt bad! It really did hurt! ahah