Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Turkey and soo much more!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US!! :) It was our 2nd anniversary on Nov. 21st. We celebrated by having icecream, and and a netflix movie!! ahah the best kind!

So we went to great grandma O's house in waterloo for thanksgiving, then went to Minnesoda where Aaron's brother lives. ( he's a doctor he knows everything!! lets just say he is the smartest out of his brothers ahha) We did some black friday shopping, and Nikki, Ella, and Me and Isabel went to this Disney concert which was alot of fun!! Isabel really enjoyed Ella her 2yr old cousin. They are starting to play really well together now. Also this weekend really showed how she does not like to share toys at all, due to her being the older child at daycare.

These 2 pictures were at Grandma's house. This is Tyler, Aaron, and his Sister Heather.

This is Isabel's cousin Scarlett!!


I love my daughter!!

Decorating the TREE!!!!


Grandma O said...

These are the BEST pics!!!!! I LOVE them! Boy does this ever make me miss you guys. The girls look soooooo cute together. They are just two little peas in a pod!

Becca said...

Aaah, happy anniversary! Glad you had such a great Thanksgiving too. :)