Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa !!

Isabel didn't know what to think about santa. We went to our church for breakfast with santa, they have activities, and crafts, and was able to see santa.
Stacy, my friend from church moved to Colorado!! :( It was really sad to say goodbye!! We love you Stacy!! ( In the pic is..ahha me,Becca,Stacy, and Sharon)

CHILI!! haha I gave her the bowl, and spoon, and she ate the whole bowl of chili. I filled it pretty full!! aha She started to say " CHEESE!" when I have the camera out!! She loves the camera.

She had her best friend Dafney over one night, and they took a bath together, since it was getting late.


Here is my sweetie!!

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Grandma O said...

She really IS a sweetie!!!!!