Monday, October 11, 2010

Cry Wolf

So here are Isabel's 1year old pictures!! ahah I kinda got behind!! So Isabel has dailed 911 a month ago, so I had to call the police station back and tell them that she had my phone. Well.. yesturday I got another message saying that the police station has been getting multiple 911 calls from this number, and that they hear Isabel talking.. They told me that the phone is not a toy for my child. They explained that Isabel could dial random numbers, and the cell phone's saftey feature will kick in and dial 911. So Isabel does not know the story Cry wolf, but I will definatley tell her when she gets older when she understands. It is also my brother Rockwell's birthday today!! Happy Birthday Rockwell!!!

Here is a pictures of my little brother that is 17 yrs old now. He lives in Boise, Id.

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am and fm said...

love the pictures Mallorie!! She is super adorable...I wish we could see her! Love to you all!! Oh and mom said you wanted to know which one we liked better...I honestly like them both equally...hard call if you have to choose as they are both so cute!!