Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!! We went trunk or treating on thursday at our church. Then our town moved Halloween on Friday, so we went to the mall and trick or treated there. She had a blast!!

Isabel was a Flower for Halloween!!

Isabel: "Uh mum! You really think I'm going to keep this on my head??!"

This is one of Isabel's friends, Bella. We didn't know she was going to be a bumble bee!! ahah its funny since Isabel is a flower, they were a perfect match!! ahah

Isabel: " I want some Honey!"
Bella : ""

We trunk or treated outside it was pretty chilly!! We only stayed for like 10-15 min.

We put on her tenni shoes for the mall outing on friday!! She couldn't stop running everywhere!! She is a speedster.

She liked to grab the candy from people and put it in her basket! I can't believe how fast she caught on. She had alot of fun with bella.

RANDOM PIC: Isabel is starting to watch a little bit more of disney movies.. not the whole thing, but here and there.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cry Wolf

So here are Isabel's 1year old pictures!! ahah I kinda got behind!! So Isabel has dailed 911 a month ago, so I had to call the police station back and tell them that she had my phone. Well.. yesturday I got another message saying that the police station has been getting multiple 911 calls from this number, and that they hear Isabel talking.. They told me that the phone is not a toy for my child. They explained that Isabel could dial random numbers, and the cell phone's saftey feature will kick in and dial 911. So Isabel does not know the story Cry wolf, but I will definatley tell her when she gets older when she understands. It is also my brother Rockwell's birthday today!! Happy Birthday Rockwell!!!

Here is a pictures of my little brother that is 17 yrs old now. He lives in Boise, Id.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Aaron was walking by our neighbor's house with Isabel and was invited to be part of decorating cement blocks that will go into the ground at our neighborhood park!! We were so happy they invited us. We placed some toys of Isabel's in her block, and jewels., She didn't really like putting her hands, and feet in the cement. But me and Aaron had fun decorating it. (Also Isabel is wearing a shirt that I made when I was around her age. It has my handprints on it!!)