Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rocking Horse

We went up to Aaron's grandparents house for a couple of weekends, we couldn't get enough of them the first time, so we came back, we had alot of fun spending time with family. I had an Idea to make Isabel a rocking horse, so Aaron and Grandpa O put together this beautiful rocking horse for Isabel's Christmas present. I'm so grateful Aaron and Grandpa O took the time to do this, because now we have a priceless family heirloom.

They had alot of fun spending time together, and having a fun project to do.

This is the finished product they made it with different pieces of wood. Cherry, Walnut, Oak, and
mahogany. Cherry is the head, and stripped in the middle of the legs, Walnut is the seat, Mahogany is the pieces holding it up. Neways its so AMAZING!! I LOVE IT! And so will Isabel for Christmas.

While they were working on the horse, We ran around all day. We were mostly outside. Everytime we would go outside she would say "harse harse!" She always wanted to go and see the horses, and if none wanted to go over there, she would go over there herself.
I tell ya... she is fearless!! She walked right up to the horses. They were so gentle and calm. I grabbed her right after I took this, I was getting anxious!! ahah The horses would nibble, or nudge her and she just giggled. She loves animals.

And of course we would well fed by Grandma O. She put so much time into making dinner everynight!! We are so grateful having a great grandma. Isabel started to warm up to both of them.

She wanted grandpa O to pick her up a couple of times, thats a big deal for Isabel.

We were able to hang out with Dave too. This was Isabel's first ride on the 4 wheeler, she didn't know what to think.

Her new thing is to touch flowers and plants she likes to explore. We also picked rasberries from their garden, she was like a baby bird, just keeping her mouth open, while I plopped them in.

Oh Isa!! she has so much spunk!! ahah

Us 4 wheelin!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Isabel loves to dance!!! LOVES IT! and to twirl around!! She is a hooT!!


We went to the Des Moines Zoo a week or so ago. This was her first time to a zoo. She liked it, but will prob. will enjoy it even more next year. This picture we were in an enclosed area where kangaroos were able to roam freely around us. Im holding on to Isabel, she was trying to run right up to one right infront of her. She has no fear this girl!! You'll see with some other pics as well.

Isabel loves her Papa, she is favoring him over me alot recently!! Who could blame her!! ahah Aaron is such a lovable guy, and everyone's favorite!!

The goats nibbled on her fingers a couple of times thinking she was feeding them, but she didnt care, I think she liked the baby goats more than anything in the zoo.

She had no prob. petting the lamas, even if they stunk , and weren't the most attractive animal!! ah
Aaron: Quit Lowes, full time in school.
Me: work takes alot out of me, but its a great place. I'm still the primary pianist, and now I'm becoming the primary pianist that always has candy. The kids make rounds by the piano at the end of primary.
Isabel: Running around. Saying "thankyou" "Mom", "eyes" "book" "regis" "papa" and much more. She has had a fever of 102 for the past 3 days, she is not a happy girl right now. She can walk around the block without a stroller or us holding her. She loves walks, and dogs.