Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trip to the Hospital

Aaron went to the hospital last week. I have never seen Aaron in that much pain til that night. He had what is called an "Illius" which is when part of your intestines stops working, and closes. So he had so much pain and pressue in his lower abdomin. That night Aaron politely told me " I could go home and relax" because I was annoying him by being a worried wife, and bugging the nurses trying to get them to start medication, and asking them to get into the room alot!! ahah I worry about my Husband. Its not like there are alot of "aarons" in inventory somewhere. Neways they put him on liquids the first night, he spent 2 nights there. Now he is doing better, if he has anymore problems in the next few weeks he will probably need surgery. They don't know why this happened, they are thinking due to a virus, or an allergic reaction to something.

We went to see Aaron at the hospital, Isabel loved to explore the hospital. She had her first experience in the elevator. She was a little confused. it was funny!!

Aaron's IV leaked out of his vain, and under his skin. So it looks like he is from the movie "Lady in the Lake" ahah Hopefully most of you have seen that.
Latley we have been really busy on the weekends trying to get chores, and groceries, and some fun activity with me and her, so she doesnt get to play with Dafney that much latley. Here they are having a play date.


Joe and Beth/BethanySines photography) said...

oh my gosh that's so freaky!! i'd snap in to crazy protective wife mode too!! i hope he gets better.

Becca said...

Poor Aaron! He is really going to need a vacation after all of this, but unfortunately school is starting back up.

Isabel looks like such a doll in that last picture!

Grandma O said...

I hope all is well and Aaron is just wonderful again......I am grateful for a sweet wife for my son to take good care of him when he is down. We love you all!