Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July weekend

Stormi and Kai came and saw us a couple days before the 4th. They loved playing with eachother. Kai always wanted to play with Isabel, or help us with her somehow!! He is such a sweet funny little guy!!

We went to the aquatic center in town, Kai loved to go down the family slide, and the kid slides. They both liked to sit on these floatables in the kids pool.

Scott, Mary, Grandpa, Grandma Oesterle, and us!!

Mary, Me, and Isabel, Aunt Kathy, and Cooper( isabel's cousin!!)

Here are Isabel's cousins!! They are soo cute!! Kai is Aaron's brother ( Drew) son, and the two others are Aaron's other brother (Tyler) kids!!

The sister in laws!!!

This is one of many Isabel's cousins. This is Elia, she would always try to get Isabel to grab her hand. It was raining!! Elia, Isabel and Cooper were having such a blast!!


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Heidi said...

Mallorie! You took some way cute pictures!!!