Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last 2 weeks

Alot has happened the past two weeks. I started my job at a dental office as a dental assistant here in ames. Isabel started to go to daycare, which the lady is ... wonderful!!! She is more that I ever imagined an in home day care could be!! There is 4 kids including Isabel, so she is able to have enough attention. Isabel loves to go, she walks right in, and there is another 1 yr old she plays with. Even when Aaron picks her up, she doesn't run right to him, she still just plays and does her own thing.
Isabel is growing up soooo fast!! She is such a wonderful daughter I am so lucky to be her mother. She is laid back, funny little girl.

Here is Isabel after she got back from daycare, and was down for the night. She is always beat when she gets home!!

I love this picture. " Don't hate me because I'm Beautiful" ha


When I am cleaning up the kitchen during morning, or lunch, she gets really quite, so I go and see what she is doing, and she is just reading to her self. She likes this hard cardboard "Baby's Can Read" Book. She is so smart. I am not just saying that because I'm her mom.

She carries around a couple of things.. One is this brush. She likes to bring it to church, and activities. Another is my diaper carrier, and her keys.


Joe and Beth/BethanySines photography) said...

i love her hair!!

Drew and Stormi said...

She looks so much bigger then when we saw her in March! Crazy how fast they grow! I love her smile=)

am and fm said...

What a cutie!! We were sad when we went through Boise the other day that we couldn't stop and do some more fireworks!! Miss you guys...give her a big squeeze from us!