Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aquatic Center

Isabel and I went to the Aquatic Center here in ames. Which just opened this month. She had a blast. She is soo brave!!! ahah and so daring, she always headed to the playground in the water, wanting to go down the big kids slide. Even if she got drenched, or splashed in the face, or fell in the water, she just got up, and kept going!! She had a blast. We stayed for over 3 hours there. Thats pretty long for a 1 year old.

This is her face she makes when she gets splashed!! ahah

We would go in the deep end( which was 3 ft) and I would prop her up on her stomach, and she would float, she just instantly started to laugh, she loved it. She loves water.

She liked these fountains too, she would look straight into one, when it was low, and it got her a couple of times in the face when they would shoot up pretty high.

Last 2 weeks

Alot has happened the past two weeks. I started my job at a dental office as a dental assistant here in ames. Isabel started to go to daycare, which the lady is ... wonderful!!! She is more that I ever imagined an in home day care could be!! There is 4 kids including Isabel, so she is able to have enough attention. Isabel loves to go, she walks right in, and there is another 1 yr old she plays with. Even when Aaron picks her up, she doesn't run right to him, she still just plays and does her own thing.
Isabel is growing up soooo fast!! She is such a wonderful daughter I am so lucky to be her mother. She is laid back, funny little girl.

Here is Isabel after she got back from daycare, and was down for the night. She is always beat when she gets home!!

I love this picture. " Don't hate me because I'm Beautiful" ha


When I am cleaning up the kitchen during morning, or lunch, she gets really quite, so I go and see what she is doing, and she is just reading to her self. She likes this hard cardboard "Baby's Can Read" Book. She is so smart. I am not just saying that because I'm her mom.

She carries around a couple of things.. One is this brush. She likes to bring it to church, and activities. Another is my diaper carrier, and her keys.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Videos of the BIRTHDAY PARTY!!

Happy Birthday ISABEL!!!

Isabel turned 1 yrs old on June 2nd. We had a little birthday party for her before Aaron left to go and help his dad in PA to fix up their house to sell. Isabel liked the candle and the cupcake!! She didn't blow out the candle.. she put it out with her finger.. she wasn't so happy after she did that!! We weren't expecting that to happen!! ahah It took her awhile to start eating the cupcake. This was her first sugar experience... and it will be her last.. well at least not for a very long time.. It too forever to put her down that night. Her friend Dafney came down for the party too!! They had a pool party after the cake and presents.

HMM.... Sugar

"Do I have something on my face?"


Isabel got a ball, a toy turtle and a toy phone. I might get her a purse from her Grandma's birthday money , so she can put her keys( which she carries around everywhere) and her phone in the purse. She carries her diaper holder back around like it's a purse, its pretty funny! Dafney also gave Isabel a couple of dresses, they are way cute!!

She looks soo chunky here!! ahah CHUNKY MONKEY!! She is soo cute!!


Here is Isabel after church, and there she is holding her keys!! ahaha ( this is one of the dresses Dafney her friend gave her!)