Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Aaron

Aaron had a great birthday!! He turned 25. He got tons of birthday cards from family and friends, it meant alot to him to get those cards. He got 2 PS3 games from gamestop, and Isabel and I gave him "Best Loved Poems of the LDS People" book. He likes to read poems.

Here are all his cards.. he got a couple later that are not in the picture!! :)

I made him cinnamon roles for his cake. Since he doesn't like cake that much. He loves Cinnamon ROLES!!!

I thought this was cute!! ahah


Megan said...

Um wow.... you made him cinnamon rolls. I feel like such a bum. For Seth's birthday he just used our money to buy a few things he wanted... I didn't buy him any presents :( He's so hard to shop for, and doesn't get excited about surprises so he usually picks out his presents I get him & I wrap for him. Anyway... I'm just making excuses :) You're awesome.

Grandma O said...

I agree with Megan, ARE awesome! Aaron is a lucky boy to have such a great wife!