Sunday, May 23, 2010

Isabel Walking!

Isabel had her first steps on May 16th which is a sunday, during Sacrement meeting. It was way cute!! ahah She actually wouldn't try to walk after that til today!! Now she is doing so well!! She only gets in 4 steps the most but she is doing great!!


Isabel is learning something new almost everyday!! She puts her arms up, when you say it or motion it. she learned it from her educational movies. Her first word was when she was 10 months, and it was "Hi". Now she is saying "BOO!" and she just started to "Roar" too!! She also sometimes, not alot, she says "YEAH!" when she is clapping. she did it in this clip. She is soo funny!!

Happy Birthday Aaron

Aaron had a great birthday!! He turned 25. He got tons of birthday cards from family and friends, it meant alot to him to get those cards. He got 2 PS3 games from gamestop, and Isabel and I gave him "Best Loved Poems of the LDS People" book. He likes to read poems.

Here are all his cards.. he got a couple later that are not in the picture!! :)

I made him cinnamon roles for his cake. Since he doesn't like cake that much. He loves Cinnamon ROLES!!!

I thought this was cute!! ahah

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day!

Mother's day was great!! It was my first mother's day!! Aaron bought me flowers. Isabel thought they were pretty cool!! She doesn't quite get that she needs to sniff them, not taste them!! ahah

I love my daughter, I love her smile, her giggles, her eyes... and her CUTE TOES!!!! This is her first pedicure!! We MATCH!!

Tag your IT!!!

Isabel started to play chase with Aaron right before May. She crawls pretty fast when she is chasin' ya!! Its way cute when she wants to play with us!!